Covid-19 Updates from Saddleback College

Updates - August 2, 2021

Fall Saddleback Students:

Welcome! Here are some things about Fall ’21 you want to know:

  • The fall schedule accommodates students who wish to remain online, those who prefer to learn on-campus in face-to-face classes, and those who prefer a hybrid approach of being partly online and partly on-campus. The mix of for-credit class sections is about 50/50 online/on-campus. We are back! And now we can provide you with more options to learn, wherever you prefer to do your learning.
  • Student supports will now be available both online and on-campus, whichever you prefer. Consult the specific department pages on the college website for more information about appointments and online access to student services and supports. You can also click here for a list of student support services offered.
  • Saddleback College recommends that you be vaccinated for fall semester. While the decision is a personal one, those who remain unvaccinated are vulnerable to Covid that could be spread by others who are also unvaccinated, particularly the more transmissible Delta variant. We will work to reduce that risk by having everyone wear masks indoors (see below), but we strongly urge you to take only online classes to further reduce your risk if you intend to remain unvaccinated. Students can make an appointment to get vaccinated at the Student Health Center by calling (949) 582-4606 or through the Telehealth system at
  • The college will not require masks outdoors.
  • The college will require that masks or two-layer gaiters be worn at all times in all indoor locations on campus with only these exceptions:
    • When eating and drinking in the cafeteria or other designated areas, where unvaccinated students should maintain 6’ social distance from others.
    • Students in some programs (e.g. Dance, some athletics) are being surveillance Covid tested so that they can be mask-less during some activities under the instruction of their Coaches/Instructors. Those students will receive separate instructions. This exception does not apply to students in programs other than those being surveillance tested.
  • You will need to wear a mask indoors even if you are vaccinated. The requirement will be enforced. You should take all online classes if you are averse to wearing a mask when indoors on our campus.
  • Masks will be available in building entrances throughout campus; you may take one if you forgot to bring one. We will also provide boxes of 50 masks, free of charge, throughout buildings on campus.
  • If you are unable to wear a mask indoors because of a documented medical or psychological condition, you must obtain an accommodation from Disability Services and wear an approved clear face shield with a full drape from the bottom of the shield to your chest. For information about disability accommodations, contact Disability Services.
  • You are encouraged to wash your hands or use hand sanitizer (available in learning spaces) and to clean surfaces that others have used, such as keyboards and desktops (using sanitizing wipes available in computer labs and classrooms). Even though surface contact is rarely a cause of Covid, it continues to be an important source of transmission for colds and influenza.

These health and safety rules could change during the semester as conditions warrant or guidelines from the CDC, the State Department of Health or our County or District change.

Our top priority, as it has been since the start of the pandemic, is to keep you safe and healthy.

We are excited to welcome more of you back to campus this fall and to provide you with both on-campus and online options--and to give you the university campus experience you deserve!

I hope to see you online at a Town Hall or on-campus on the quad. Until then, welcome--and welcome back to Saddleback. We have never been happier to say, “We’re glad you’re here.”


Dr. Elliot Stern
President, Saddleback College

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