Re-Entry Services

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Career and Re-Entry Center hours are Monday through Thursday 8AM to 6PM and Friday 8AM - 5PM.

We look forward to serving you remotely. If you have a re-entry question, please call (949) 582-4575 to schedule an appointment.

Re-Entry Services assists individuals who return to college and/or the workforce. Our aim is to guide, educate, and empower individuals by helping to remove barriers to ensure student success.

Services include individual and group advisement, resources, referrals, support groups, and scholarships to returning students.  Appointments may be made by calling 949-582-4575. Due to demand, appointments are limited to a maximum of six per semester. Walk-in appointments are not available. 

Before making an appointment, all re-entry students are highly encouraged to apply to Saddleback College online by clicking here. 

About Sholeh Alizadeh, Re-Entry Specialist

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"You know, better than anyone, what it means to me to be awarded on my re-entry to school, the place I have always felt I belong to and yet, the very place that I was so afraid to get into again."

-Re-Entry Scholarship Recipient

"...that you have recognized me with this honor, strengthens my resolve to excel on the path I have chosen. Your willingness to guide me is a blessing I will always treasure."

-Re-Entry Scholarship Recipient