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Associate Faculty
Business and Management
Div of Bus Sci & Vocation Ed & Econ Dev
Saddleback College

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D. - A.B.D.)
  *Concentrations: International Political Economy
International Relations
Thesis: The geopolitics of petroleum, peak oil theory & the US energy policy in the West Asia (Middle East region as well as the Euro-Asian regions in the next five decades      
European M.B.A. 
  *Concentrations: Strategic Global Management
International Business  
Thesis: Cashless Societies & Electronic Forms of Money: An in depth analysis of e-commerce strategies of Euro-based economies and their consequential socio-political & economic threats to European nation-state's national sovereignties.
University of Abertay Dundee (SCOTLAND)
École de Gestion et Commerce Angoulême (FRANCE)        
University of Karlskrona/Ronneby (SWEDEN)
Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
 * Concentrations: International Business
International Finance
General Management              
California State University, Fullerton (USA)
Associate of Arts (A.A.)
 * Concentrations: Business Management
International Business
Philosophy & Comparative Religion
Saddleback College (USA) 

Although I graduated at the top 1% of my high school class (Trabuco Hills High School) and was accepted to several top universities, I was not ready to move out of Orange County upon graduation. As such, I decided to attend Saddleback College where I received my Associate of Arts degree, graduating at the top 5% of my class. This was one of the best decisions I have made in my life! I then transferred to California State University Fullerton (CSF) where I obtained my Bachelor of Arts degree from CSF's Steven Mihaylo's College of Business Administration & Economics, majoring in General Management, International Business, and International Finance. I also spent significant time studying Philosophy & Comparative Religion.

Truly inspired by the experience of an old friend and colleague who is now also a professor in his own right (at UCSD), I decided to pursue an independent post-graduate research study at the University of Glasgow in Scotland - home of Adam Smith, the 18th century father of classical capitalism. This desire to live, study, and work abroad (Europe in particular) - albeit purely academic this time - was a continuation of my two-years corporate excursion as an Accounts Development Manager (in Shefield, England) in my post- bachelor years.

At any rate, four years after my post-graduate research study (at the University of Glasgow) and after having further enhanced my corporate experience, I decided to once again return to Europe, this time to pursue my master's degree at a distinguished European joint-university program organized by the University of Abertay Dundee in Scotland. I successfully completed my 212-page dissertation titled, "Cashless Societies & Electronic Forms of Money: An in depth analysis of e-commerce strategies of Euro-based economies and their consequential socio-political & economic threats to European nation-state's national sovereignties."

I hold my European M.B.A. (U.S. equivalent of a Master of Science in International Business) from the University of Abertay Dundee - UAD - (in Dundee, Scotland) in collaboration with École de Gestion et de Commerce (College of Management & Commerce in Angoulême, France) and University of Karlskrona/Ronneby (in Ronneby, Sweden). This was a joint-university graduate studies program organized by UAD in Scotland in 1998.

I have also served as an independent post-master's visiting researcher at the University of Edinburgh, University of St. Andrews, and University of Strathclyde (all three located in Scotland), as well as a Resident Researcher at the University of Lund and at the University of Uppsala (both located in Sweden).
My Ph.D. focuses on the strategic geopolitics and geo-economics of petroleum and natural gas and the US energy policy in the West Asia (Middle East) as well as the Euro-Asian regions in the next five decades.

In addition to having lingual skills in five languages (fluent in three), I possess a strong cultural and technical proficiency in diverse international business practices, and possess in-depth familiarity and first-hand experience with various European, Middle-Eastern, North African, and Far-Eastern (Asian) socio-economic mindsets, management styles and practices, norms, values, beliefs, socio-economic traits, and general ways and means.

Furthermore, I have over 22 years of supervisory, management and consulting experience (in diversified roles - depending on the nature of the project) with several Fortune 500 companies such as Toshiba (Japan), EDS (the 1992 U.S. Presidential Candidate Ross Perot's start-up), Ericsson (Sweden), Leroy Somer (France), Assa Abloy (Sweden), Deutsche Steinzeug (Germany) and Hyundai (South Korea), among others.

I currently teach at Saddleback College, Irvine Valley College, and Cypress College. In addition, I have also taught at Fullerton College, Mt. San Antonio College (Mt. SAC), Los Angeles Pierce College, Orange Coast College, University of California Irvine, University of Abertay Dundee (in Scotland), École de Gestion et de Commerce (in France), and Blekinge Tekniska Hogsköla (in Sweden), focusing on a wide array of subjects such as:

- International Political Economy,
- International Commerce & the Geopolitics of the Middle East,
- Geopolitics of Petroleum & Peak Oil Theory,
- Commerce & International Relations,
- International Finance,
- Strategic Global Management,
- International Business, 
- International Marketing, 
- International Business Negotiations, 
- Introduction to Business,
- Principles of Export/ Import
- Applied Management Theory,
- Organizational Behavior, 
- Business Management,
- Business English, 
- Human Resources Management, 
- Business Communication, 
- Principles of Advertising, 
- Principles of Marketing, 
- Business Writing, 
- Small Business Management,
- Speech/ Business Public Speaking.

Furthermore, as a firm believer in the concept of "The Learning Campus", i.e., learning above & beyond the classroom instruction, I have served as an active Faculty Advisor/ Events Coordinator for the following on-campus student organizations: 
- Global Awareness Club,
- Amnesty International,
- Young Economists Club,
- Inter-Cultural Club (for visiting international students),
- Comparative Religion Club,
- Political Awareness Club,
- Christian Student Alliance,
- Muslim Student Alliance,
- Buddha Nature Club,
- Mysticism & Spiritual Awareness Club,
- Business & Social Entrepreneurship Club,
- Future World Leaders Club, 
- Iranian Student Club.

My other teaching endeavor consist of producing, directing, and lecturing at community educational seminars, focusing on enhancing public awareness in international relations issues pertaining to various war and peace matters (with a specialty in the Middle East region) by using innovative business solutions and social entrepreneurship tools to promote peace, security, and stability.
I also make regular TV and radio appearances, commenting on various socio-economic, international relations, and geopolitical issues with specialities in the West Asia (Middle East), Euroasia, Europe, and North America regions.


Minds motivated. Change cultivated. Excellence elevated and greatness WILL BE achieved!


Besides my regular business, international political economy, and international relations research interests, I also have a keen interest and have written (and continue to write) in the following diverse realms: 
- European & Middle Eastern History,
- Comparative Religion,
- Histo-Mythology,
- Religious Symbology,
- Judeo-Christian Mysticism,
- Islamic Eschatology
- Cultural Anthropology,
- Social Psychology,
- Astro-Theology, 
- Astro-Psychology,
- Archeo-Astronomy