Faculty Resources

This page provides links to documents available for faculty.

Faculty and Staff Support Information:

-- Faculty and Staff Support website

FERPA--Privacy of Student Records

-- FERPA Basics for Faculty

Class Rosters:

-- Wait Lists
-- Adding Students (Add Permit Codes - APC)
-- Class Rosters
-- Dropping Students

Grade Submission and Positive Attendance Hours:

-- Grades Submission Procedures
-- Positive Attendance Procedures
-- Grade Change Procedures
-- Incomplete Grade Record

Faculty Bulletins


--Start of Spring 2022 (MS Word DOC) | Start of Spring 2022 (PDF) NEW!

--End of Fall 2021 (MS Word DOC) | End of Fall 2021 (PDF)
--Start of Fall 2021 (MS Word DOC) | Start of Fall 2021 (PDF)
--End Spring 2021 (MS Word DOC) | End of Spring 2021 (PDF)

Please contact James Feigert jfeigert@saddleback.edu for further information about these documents.

Please see the Saddleback college Faculty Center website for more Faculty Resources.