Frequently Asked Questions about Admissions

1. How do I order an official transcript and where can I obtain an unofficial transcript?

You can order a transcript using the online service through Credentials Solutions from any computer connected to the internet. View information about requesting Transcripts HERE.

Unofficial Transcripts can be accessed and printed from your student MySite account. Log-in to MySite and select My Classes > Academic History.

2. Can I check if my Official Transcript has been sent/received?

Click Here to check the status of Transcript Order

Credentials Solutions, Inc. Website

Once the Transcript order has been processed in Credentials, You can view the Transcript status/details in your MySite profile under "My Information" > "Transcript Requests."

3. What is my Student Number or Username?

We send your student number in your permit to register email after you apply to Saddleback College. You can also come in person to the Admissions & Records office for your student number.

Your username is created 72 hours after you register for classes in a semester/term and is listed in the top banner of MySite (once you've logged in). If you've forgotten your MySite login information, please click here to reset your password.

4. Can I change my Registration time/date?

Your registration time/date has been assigned based upon certain student population and specific academic criteria set forth by California Regulations. View information on Registration Appointment Priority for details on how Saddleback College assigns registration appointments and how to appeal the loss of priority registration (if applicable).

5. How do I contact an Instructor?

Please use the college directory or college division/department to find the instructor's contact information.

6. I have a student number, but I cannot register for classes.

There may be several reasons that you're not able to register for classes:< br/>

7. How do I clear a prerequisite?

English or math prerequisites are cleared by the Matriculation Office.

For all other prerequisites, please contact the academic division office where the course originates. Please submit all evaluations two-weeks prior to your registration date.

8. What is the deadline to drop a class?

Each class has drop and withdrawal deadlines specific to that class. Please view the class detail (click on the information link icon Information Icon) in your MySite enrollments or in the online class schedule to view class specific deadlines.

9. What does an "RD" grade mean on my transcript?

If you have a grade assigned as "RD", this means the instructor of the class did not submit grades by a grade submission deadline. Once your instructor submits grades for the class, a correct grade code will be displayed.

10. How can I get a "D" hold removed so I can register for classes?

This academic dismissal is based on either one (or both) of the following conditions:

  • Academic Dismissal: The cumulative grade point average has been below 1.75 for three consecutive semesters.
  • Progress Dismissal: The percentage of units in which the student has been enrolled for which entries of "W", "I" and "NP"("NC") grades are recorded in three consecutive semesters reaches or exceeds 50 percent.
Students given a "D" hold are sent a letter and an email indicating their status and how to proceed with re-enrolling in classes. In order to be considered for readmission, please submit a Appeal for Readmission after Dismissal/Unit Increase Request Form to Admissions & Records.