OASIS Faculty

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OASIS Faculty

Below is our list of dedicated OASIS professors that make our program a success. They continue to support our students with disabilities and assist them with reaching their goals.

Stacy Eldred Headshot
Stacy Eldred | Assistant Professor
Department Co-Chair/Coordinator & Superfriends Club Co-Advisor 
email: seldred@saddleback.edu
(949) 582-4251/ Office HS


Melissa Brosch | Associate Faculty
email: mbrosch@saddleback.edu


Mandy Hoggatt | Associate Faculty
email: mhoggatt1@saddleback.edu


Brian Howell | Associate Faculty
email: bhowell5@saddleback.edu


Laura (Laurie) Jimenez | Associate Faculty
email: ljimenez@saddleback.edu


Robin Kim | Associate Faculty
email: rkim@saddleback.edu


Lori Kunze-Thibeau | Associate Faculty
email: lkunzethibeau@saddleback.edu


Stephanie Lynch | Associate Faculty
email: slynch@saddleback.edu


Linda Mackie Headshot
Linda Mackie | Associate Faculty
email: lmackie@saddleback.edu


Kim McDermott | Associate Faculty
email: lmackie@saddleback.edu


Donna Moinfar | Associate Faculty
email: tmoinfar@saddleback.edu


Janice Morain | Associate Faculty
email: jmorain@saddleback.edu


Rebecca (Becca) Zaino-Hall | Associate Faculty
email: rzaino@saddleback.edu