Adult Education ESL/Citizenship (AESL)

SPRING 2019 AESL and Citizenship Courses offer Open Enrollment

Apply and register anytime! Staff are on hand to help you.



 SUMMER 2019 AESL and Citizenship Class schedule.


Registration is in-person only.
Call (949) 493-0658 for more information, and to confirm hours at each location:

Saddleback Adult Education - SJC

31351 El Camino Real, San Juan Capistrano
Monday - Thursday: 8:30 AM - 9 PM

Saddleback Adult Education - MV
25632 Peter A Hartman Way - Mission Viejo
Monday - Thursday: 2 - 9 PM

View our State-approved AESL and  Citizenship Courses.
Learn more about AESL Certificates of Competency.


All of the following courses are non-credit, free courses:
AESL 701 Basic Literacy
AESL 702 Beginning Low
AESL 703 Beginning High
AESL 704 Intermediate Low
AESL 705 Intermediate High
AESL 706 Advanced Low
AESL 707 Advanced High
AESL 708 Citizenship

The Spring 2019 term starts January 14 and ends May 14. Classes are held at the following locations:

Main Adult Education Sites:
Saddleback Adult Education SJC (Capistrano Adult School) 31351 El Camino Real, San Juan Capistrano
Saddleback Adult Education MV (Silverado HS) 25632 Peter A Hartman Way, Mission Viejo

Other Adult Education Sites
FRC Family Resource Center: 22481 Aspan Street, Lake Forest
Oak Grove Elementary School: 22705 Sanborn, Aliso Viejo