Adult Education ESL/Citizenship (AESL)

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Adult English as a Second Language  &  Citizenship

Free English classes. Everyone is welcome. Also translated in Spanish.

The Adult Education ESL (AESL) program provides six levels of ESL instruction from Basic Literacy to Advanced.  Additionally, we offer a course in citizenship that prepares students for success at their naturalization interview. AESL students have access to free tutoring and counseling services. The AESL program proudly serves approximately 2,000 students per year.

*Students can earn CDCP (Career Development and College Preparation) certificates in Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced AESL levels after receiving a passing grade in two courses. We also offers a CDCP certificate in AESL for the Workplace after passing two courses. 

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       Current Spring Semester Schedule

             Click here to view the Spring 2021 AESL class schedule.

                   *Spring 2021 classes will be held online January 19 - May 26 via Canvas.

       Upcoming Summer Semester Schedule      

Click here to view the Summer 2021 AESL Class Schedule.

                   *Summer 2021 classes will be held online June 7 - August 15 via Canvas.


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Classes Offered

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Course offerings for AESL/ Citizenship:

All of the following courses are non-credit, free courses

AESL 701 Basic Literacy

 AESL 702 Beginning Low

 AESL 703 Beginning High

    AESL 704 Intermediate Low

     AESL 705 Intermediate High

AESL 706 Advanced Low

AESL 707 Advanced High

AESL 708 Citizenship

AESL 710 AESL for Workplace (new course)

View our State-approved AESL and  Citizenship Courses.
Learn more about AESL Certificates of Competency.


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