Adult Education ESL/Citizenship (AESL)

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Welcome to Summer 2020!

Apply and register anytime! All Adult Education classes are open enrollment, meaning students can register at any moment throughout the semester. Staff are on hand to help you.

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Classes start June 1 and end July 31

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Free English classes. Everyone is welcome. Also translated in Spanish.

Due to COVID-19,  all classes are being held online. We are open and are working from home.


  We are available to assist you  Monday-Thursday   8:30 am - 6:00 pm

 Tel.: (949) 297-6037   Email:


Online Summer 2020 AESL Class Schedule
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All classes will be held online through Canvas.


Classes Offered



All of the following courses are non-credit, free courses:

AESL 701 Basic Literacy

 AESL 702 Beginning Low

 AESL 703 Beginning High

    AESL 704 Intermediate Low

     AESL 705 Intermediate High

AESL 706 Advanced Low

AESL 707 Advanced High

AESL 708 Citizenship

AESL 710 AESL for Workplace (new course)

View our State-approved AESL and  Citizenship Courses.
Learn more about AESL Certificates of Competency.