Adult Education AESL Tutoring

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Saddleback College Adult Education has partnered with the Saddleback College Tutoring Center to provide tutoring services in our online AESL classes.

The AESL Tutoring program is comprised of:

  • Embedded Tutoring: An embedded tutor works directly in the AESL classroom helping students individually or in small groups. An embedded tutor can work in the classroom for up to two hours per week. Embedded tutors may be especially recommended for multi-level classrooms.
  • One-On-One Tutoring: Students make appointments to meet with an ESL tutor. Students may take advantage of two 30-minute sessions per week.
  • Conversation Groups: Led by trained ESL/AESL faculty.

Tutoring includes assistance with: vocabulary, spelling, pronunciation, grammar, writing, reading, conversation, life skills, test preparation, test review, and citizenship.


To join Spring 2022 AESL Tutoring, you must register for TU300 (Ticket # 21150) in MySite.


Spring 2022 AESL Tutoring Schedule & Zoom Links

*Click here for printable schedule.

Tutor  Monday   Tuesday   Wednesday   Thursday  


Zoom ID: 995 4921 1816


 Conversation Group   12:30pm-1pm

 Conversation Group   5:00pm-5:30pm



Zoom ID: 958 6898 9310






*Online until 2/7/22




Zoom ID: 932 7424 7452

 4pm-6pm  11am-1pm  11am-1pm




Zoom ID: 915 9890 4702

   4pm-6pm  4pm-6pm  


Zoom ID: 946 2304 8460

 4pm-6pm  4pm-6pm  4pm-6pm  4pm-6pm


Zoom ID: 931 138 28266

 11am-1pm    11am-1pm  3pm-5pm