Pre-Dental Hygiene


Dental Hygiene Pre-Entrance Curriculum Requirements (Meet LLU)
General Education B.S. Requirements:


Natural Sciences (minimum 15 semester units): BIO 11, 12, 15; CHEM 108; and one transferable math course.

Social Sciences (minimum 8 semester units), PSYCH 1, ANTH 2, SOC 1.

SPIRITUAL & CULTURAL HERITAGE: Cultural: (minimum 14 semester units, which must include two areas): Select any transferable course from the following areas: history/civilization, fine arts (theory coursework), literature, philosophy/ethics, foreign language.

Religion: (minimum 3 semester units): Recommended to be taken after transfer.

COMMUNICATION SKILLS: (minimum of 9 semester units) ENG (1A and 1B) (required);
select one course: SP (1 or 5).

HEALTH & WELLNESS: Select one course from: FN 50, 161, or HLTH 1; and select two PE activity courses.

ELECTIVES: Select electives to complete 64-unit entrance requirements Students are advised to contact Loma Linda University School of Dentistry at (909) 558-4621 for further information regarding admissions requirements for this program.

Note: Information is available in the Saddleback College Counseling Services office regarding lower-division preparation for area Community College Dental Hygiene programs (e.g., Cerritos College and Cypress College).