2022-23 Academic Senate Senators

The Saddleback College Academic Senate is a representative body, with each instructional area receiving a senator for every ten full time faculty members or portion thereof, to a maximum of four.

2022-2023 Academic Senate Master Roster​

​Executive Board 

​ Heidi Ochoa, President

 Margot Lovett, President-Elect

 Dan Walsh, Past-President

 Deidre Cavazzi, Vice President

 Efren Rangel, Vice President for Equity and Inclusion

 Michelle Duffy, Secretary, Curriculum Co-Chair   

 Claire Cesareo, EPA Chair

 Brenda Plascencia-Carrizosa, Co-Chair, Inst. Teaching & Learning

 Pete Murray, ​Co-Chair, Inst. Teaching & Learning

​​ 33 Senators 
 One faculty for every 10 or a part of 10 – each division’s number of representatives is indicated in the  parenthesis

​Advanced Tech & ​Applied Science  (2)

 ​Morgan Barrows
 Taylor Brooks

​Counseling Services and Special  Programs (3) 

 Anne Marie Breslin
 Roya Aminzadeh
 Mike Engels
 Alternate(s): Georgina Guy

​Economic & Workforce Dev &Bus  Sci (2) 

​ Alan Foote
 Scott Fredrickson

​Extended Learning (1) 

​ Jill Ibbotson

 Alternate(s): Stacy Eldred 

​Fine Arts & Media Technology (3) 

 Hiro Konishi
​ Maria Mayenzet
 Steve Rosa

​ Alternate(s): Kent McFann

Health Science & Human Serviccs (3) 

 Jodi Caggiano
 Nahid Meshkin

 Alternate(s): ​​

​Kinesiology & Athletics (2) 

 Brandee Craig
 Lindsay Steinriede
 Alternate(s): ​

Liberal Arts (4) 

 ​Femia Scarfone
 Jennifer Hedgecock
 Pete Murray​
 Wonderful Nancy Allah

​Math, Science & Engineering (4) 

 ​Bill Alston
 Jim Repka
 Teresa Bear
 Todd Brei
 Alternate(s): Jonathan Luque

Online Ed. & Learning Resources  (1) 

 Jenny Langrell
 Alternate(s): ​

​Social & Behavioral Sciences (3) 

​  Anwar Hijaz
  Caroline Gee
  Christina Smith
  Alternate(s): Anthony Szczurek

​​​Associate Faculty (4) 

 Casey Cooper-Ackerman 

 Kacey Calahane 

 Laura Hoffman​

 EvaMarie Rodriguez-Morris

​​​ Alternate(s): 

Shared Governance Group Representative​​

Faculty Association:

Claire Cesareo/Jenny Langrell

​Classified Senate:

Michelle MacDougall Jackson

​Associated Student Government:​

Emiliya Tabatabai, ASG Director of Academic and Division Affairs