Constitution and By-Laws

Constitution of the Saddleback College Academic Senate
Approved 1/28/1998; revised 10/2003

ARTICLE I. Name and Faculty

Section I. Name
Section II. Faculty

ARTICLE II. Function and Powers

Section I. Function
Section II. Powers

Article III. Responsibilities of the Senate

Article IV. Authority

Article V. Affiliation

Article VI. Amendments to the Constitution

Section I. Proposal of Amendments
Section II. Ratification of Amendments


ByLaws of the Saddleback College Academic Senate
Revision approved 3/2022

ARTICLE I. Membership and Responsibilities

Section I. The Electorate
Section II. Composition of the Senate
Section III. Selection of Senators and Alternates
Section IV. Academic Senate Vacancies
Section V. Recall, Removal, and Replacement of Senators
Section VI. Alternates
Section VII. Duties of Senators

ARTICLE II. Academic Senate Officers

Section I. Election of Officers
Section II: Eligibility of Officers
Section III: Term of Office
Section IV. Academic Senate Vacancies
Section V. Removal and Replacement of Officers

ARTICLE III. Meetings and Senate Procedures

Section I. Regular Meetings of the Academic Senate and Executive Committee
Section II. Ralph M. Brown Act
Section III. Special Meetings
Section IV. Quorum and Attendance at Academic Senate Meetings
Section V. Meeting Procedures

ARTICLE IV. Committees

Section I. Committee Membership Eligibility
Section II. Standing Committees
Section III. Ad Hoc Committees
Section IV. Committee Chairpersons
Section V. College/District Committee Membership
Section VI. Removal of Committee Members

ARTICLE V. Amendments