Division Flex Representatives

Dan Walsh, Chair            

Advanced Technology & Applied Science

Lindsay Fox

John Richards 

Counseling Services

Doug Barr

Jan Ventura  

Economic & Workforce Development and Business Science

Alan Foote

Extended Learning (formerly Community Education, Emeritus Institute, and K-12 Partnerships)

Maria Kiernan 

Fine Arts & Media Technology

Kent McFann  

Health Science & Human Services

Michele Wolff 

Kim Branch-Stewart 

Kinesiology & Athletics

Brandee Craig  

Steve Crapo

Mark McElroy  

Liberal Arts

Janet Bagwell  

Amina Yassine 

Tom Carroll

Math, Science & Engineering

Scott Fier 

Monica Friedrich 

Bruno Passarelli  

Steve Teh 

Christina White 

Online Education & Learning Resources

Lydia Tamara 

Social and Behavioral Sciences

June Millovich   

Student Equity and Special Programs

Ardith Lynch   

Efren Rangel