Full-Time Faculty Hiring Prioritization Committee


Saddleback. College Academic Senate Full-Time Faculty Hiring Prioritization Process

Hiring Policy BP 4011.1

  • BP 4011.1 Final Draft (Mutually agreed upon by representatives of the Academic Senate and District Administration. 10/21/05)

Link to view proposals

Saddleback College 2021 New Faculty Hiring Prioritization 2022-23

Important Dates:

  • ​Voting members meet to review process and receive access to packets
    • 3-5 pm, Tuesday, 8/24/2021 - Virtual via Zoom
  • ​Questions from voting members due
    • ​9 am, Friday, 9/10/2021
  • Responses to questions due
    • 9 am, Friday, 9/17/2021
  • Meeting to Review and Rank Proposals
    • 3-5 pm, Tuesday, 9/21/2021 Room TBA/Virtual

Note:  Following past practice, anyone who is not present for all of the presentations will be ineligible to vote for the ranking of positions.

Current Committee Membership:

Heidi Ochoa, Faculty Co-Chair

Division Division Representative Division Dean
ATAS Morgan Barrows Anthony Teng
COUNS Sarah Chang Penny Skaff
EWDBS Emily Quinlan John Jaramillo 
Ext. Learn. Jill Ibbotson Karima Feldhus
FAMT Ariel Alexander Scott Farthing
HSHS Linda Call Sherrie Loewen
KNES Mike Bennett Daniel Clauss
LA Julie McGirr Kevin O'Connor
MSE Teresa Bear Art Nitta
OELR Alicia Zach Marina Aminy
SBS Jennifer Pakula Kris Leppien-Christensen
SESP Zina Boratynec Georgina Guy

Documents and Resources:  

Justification for Hiring Form
Job Announcement Example 
Saddleback College Mission, Vision, Values approved 2019-2020
2014-2020 Saddleback College Strategic Plan:  http://www.saddleback.edu/opra/planning   

Archived Completed Justification Forms:  

2014-2015 Completed Justification Forms

2015-2016 Completed Justification Forms

2016-2017 Completed Justification Forms

2017-2018 Completed Justification Forms

2018-2019 Completed Justification Forms

2019-2020 Completed Justification Forms