Professional Development Flexible Calendar Program

    Flex Hour Reporting Form - Activity occurring July 1, 2022 - June 30, 2023 count toward fulfilling your 2022-2023 Professional Development Target of 37.8 hours reported by June 15.

    • Full-time Faculty, Report 37.8 Hours of Professional Development Flex Hours per Academic Year.
    • Report Flex Week Activities - Campus-Wide Events (other than Flex Week activities) - Working with our wonderful Instructional Technologist Team at the Faculty Center for Student Success  - Watching a Video or Online Presentation - Be a Flex Week Presenter and others
    • Consult the PD Primer for eligible activities. 

    2022-2023 Flex Hours recorded as of 9/27/2022

    ​​Fall 2022 Professional Development Week, Monday-Friday, August 15-19 - Week-at-a-Glance / Program

    Go to the Saddleback SharePoint Flex site for recorded sessions and other Flex related information.

    If you encounter issues accessing the reporting form, please try using a different browser. Visit the Saddleback SharePoint Flex site if you would like to update your Faculty Identifying Code. Contact the Academic Senate Office at 4969 if you have any questions regarding your hours.

    Professional Development Flex Professional Development Program Information:

    The South Orange County Community College District does not discriminate against individuals on the basis of disability in its services, programs or activities. If you have a request for reasonable accommodations under Title 1 of the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Fair Employment and Housing Act, please contact Cindy Barron at least 72 hours in advance at 949-582-4984 or​

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