Committee for Culturally Responsive Teaching and Learning

This is an Academic Senate Committee focused on addressing multi-cultural issues in classrooms.


To foster student learning and success by promoting cultural competency with the goal of creating a campus culture of inclusivity. We focus on faculty development as a key for building the learning capacity of individual students and creating classrooms where all students succeed.


1. Provide faculty a brave space to discuss difficult topics using the Great Teachers model where we teach and learn from one another.

2. Work as a community of faculty to broaden our perspectives and understand the issues of systemic barriers, social equality and diversity on campus.

3. Develop future opportunities to manifest change within faculty thinking, classrooms, and on campus.

4. Work on meeting basic skills needs of underrepresented students by becoming culturally responsive.


Contacts: Fall 2021 Meetings:

Brenda Plascencia Carrizosa , Co-Chair

Pete Murray, Co-Chair

Carolyn Seaman, Secretary

Steve Rosa, EIC Voting Member


Friday, August 27th 11am-2pm

Friday, September 24th 11am-2pm

Friday, October 29th 11am-2pm

Friday, November 19th 11am-2pm

Friday, December 17th 11am-2pm

Committee Resources:

Committee Members:

  • Bryan Carrillo
  • Caroline Paltin
  • Catherine Ciavarella
  • Daniel Barlow
  • Daniel Brown
  • Efren Rangel
  • Jonathan Wadley
  • Katie Tewes
  • Kendrick Kim
  • Maria Castellanos
  • Maria Kiernan
  • Mariana DeSaracho
  • Michael Long
  • Michelle Gustafson
  • Nancy Allah
  • Renee Garcia
  • Samuel Ortiz
  • Steve Rosa
  • Tina Shaffie
  • Veronica Obermeyer