Fall 2016 Flex Week Presentations


•  Student Success College-Wide Committee Progress Report.  Monday, August 15
Please attend the Fall 2016 College's Student Success Committee Kick-off meeting. Hear from our active work groups and how you can join in. Also hear more about our new Student Success Common Funding Application model.   
Presented by the Saddleback College Student Success Committee

•  Learn How to Use Early Alert for All of Your Classes; It’s Just One Click Away!  Monday, August 15
A college-wide Early Alert or electronic student progress report messaging system is just a click away
and is available now for all faculty! Learn how to use this important tool.
Presented by Penny Skaff, CS, Gerlie Jeltema, SOCCCD IT, Anne Lawson, HS, Larry Layton, EWDBS, Doug Barr, CS & Michelle Gustafson, CS

•  Geek Report ~ MySite 3.0, SmartSchedule 2.0, The Cloud, Apps and More!  Thursday, August 18 Join us at the biannual Geek Report to get updates on our big projects - MySite 3.0 and SmartSchedule 2.0.  
You'll see demonstrations of our latest work so we can get your feedback on these important projects
And give you a preview of other ones that are being planned.  We'll also discuss the latest apps
and services you can use in the cloud to be more productive at work and at home.
Presented by Bob Bramucci, Ph.D., Vice Chancellor Technology & Learning Services, SOCCCD & Jim Gaston, Director, IT – Academic Systems, SOCCCD

PowerPoints and other Presentations:

•  Introduction of Saddleback College Therapeutic Garden.  Monday, August 15
Contemporary functions of the garden are more than just being aesthetic. Gardens have been scientifically proven
 to provide both positive physical and psychological aspects, and the therapeutic garden is one wonderful example.
The Department of Horticulture and Landscape Design proudly announces the Saddleback College Therapeutic
Garden Project, currently in working progress with the workgroup, consisting of both internal and external parties
with strong interests. Once built inside the greenhouse area, it will serve the entire Saddleback Community
who may need relaxation between fast-moving daily activities. This presentation is to understand
the Therapeutic Garden’s functions and to find a way to relieve the stress, if any.  
Presented by Robert Farnsworth & Ken Lee, Co-chairs, Horticulture and Landscape Design, ATAS
Therapeutic Garden Presentation

•  Supporting Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
Have you ever had a student who seemed odd, quirky or eccentric, had difficulty adjusting to changes in the syllabus or due dates, perseverated on an unrelated topic or presented self in a formal and rigid manner? Well, that student may have Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Come and learn about the key features associated with ASD that affect students' performance in an academic environment and strategies to support their educational success and retention.
Presented by Zina Boratynec, DSPS Counselor, Tina Shaffie, Psy.D., DSPS Counselor, & Kimberly Orliczky, BCBA, Trumpet Behavioral Health, Senior Clinician
ASD Presentation

•  Googling Around; Google Hangouts, Maps & the Google Apps.  Wednesday, August 17
Google Hangouts can be used to meet with your students, “face to face.”  Learn about Google Translate,
Google Maps and using the Google app on your mobile device.  Become more of a “Power Google User.”  
Presented by Jane Horlings, Ph.D., MSE 
Google Hangout Presentation

•  The "Other" Articulation.  Thursday, August 18
Weigh in on the process that gives our local high school students a jump-start on college! The procedure to articulate eligible high school courses with Saddleback courses is undergoing revision– we want to increase enrollments and improve student outcomes and success. Join us to review and help streamline the how-to of high school articulations.  
Presented by Mary Anstadt, Project Manager/OC Pathways Grant, Barbara Cox, Ph.D., EWDBS, Blake Stephens, AIA, ATAS, State Academic Senate Liaison, Maria Rios, CS, CTE Counselor & Amiee Tran, Articulation Officer/Counselor
Articulation Presentation