Professional Development Flexible Calendar Program


Flex Hours Reported:  Google Sheet  2018-2019


Professional Development Information:

Please read the directions at the beginning of the form carefully, and don't forget to click "Submit" on the last page.

Individual Activity Google Forms:

Links to new, easy reporting Google forms. Not for Flex Week reporting!

  1. Campus-Wide Events Reporting Link for 2018-19  Click here.​​​​​​
  2. Division & Department Meeting Reporting Link for 2018-19   Click here.
  3. Faculty Center for Student Success Reporting Link for 2018-19   Click here.     
  4. Video or Online Presentation Reporting Link for 2018-19   Click here.

Professional Development Week Presentations

Archived Professional Development Week Schedules

    Individual Activity Form:

    You may still use the form for reporting participation in an individual activity. Use this form if you attend, participate in or present an activity such as a speech, demonstration, skills lab, seminar, lecture, conference, course (not to be used for salary advancement), or similar activity. The subject of the activity must relate to staff, student, or instructional improvement.

    After attending the activity, report your attendance on the Individual Activity Report Form. The start of the new Flex year is July 1, so these hours will count toward fulfilling your 2018-19 Flex Target.

    To submit via email: Open and complete the form. Please type your name where it asks for signature. It is suggested that you add your last name to the file name when you save the document e.g., IndyFormValdez.docx. Lastly, email the form to your Division Rep who will sign and forward to Deanna Valdez with a cc to you. It's not required to send by email, but saves paper and time! Thank you!


    Useful Professional Development Week Information:

    Professional Development Week Forms for Faculty and Division Admins.

    If you would like to present an activity such as a speech, workshop, demonstration, lecture, meeting, seminar, etc. during fall or spring Professional Development Week please fill out a Presenter form (below). Presenters receive 3 flex credits for each hour of the presentation. No additional credit for preparation time is allowed. 

    Forms for Presentations to be given during Professional Development Week:

    1. Professional Development Week Presenters:  We use a Google Form for submitting your presentation information.  The deadline for submitting for Fall '19 is 25 March.
    2. Professional Development Week Division/Department Meeting Form are sent to division deans and admins.