Spring 2018 Flex Week Presentations


  • Geek Report: A Guided Tour of our Pathways Systems

    At the Spring 2018 Geek Report we are going to take you on a guided tour of the systems we have built that can support the guided pathways initiative at our colleges. We'll show you what the students experience in MySite, MAP, Sherpa and our latest system, SmartSchedule. We'll also give you a sneak preview of the system we are building this year, the Student Success Roadmap. As always, there will be plenty of time for your feedback on how we in District IT can do a better job of working with the college. Please join us!

    Presented by Jim Gaston, SOCCCD Director, IT - Academic Systems & Robert Bramucci, Ph.D., SOCCCD Vice-Chancellor, Technology and Learning Services

  • Accreditation Update

    Saddleback’s accreditation was affirmed for seven years with a Follow-up Report due in 2018 and a Mid-Term Report due in 2021. Please join us to learn about the new accreditation process and the progress made to meet compliance and improvement recommendations.

    Presented by Karima Feldhus, Ph.D., Assistant Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness, Craig Connor, Classified Senate President & Blake Stephens, Academic Senate President-Elect; tri-chairs Accreditation Standing Committee