Women's and Gender Studies Advisory Committee


To support and promote women's and gender studies in both its academic and extra-curricular activities at Saddleback College. This includes the development of an interdisciplinary curriculum that seeks to examine the ways in which race, ethnicity, class, sexuality and other experiences intersect with gender and how these perspectives shape our lives. We are committed to both campus awareness and community activism surrounding gender issues and to the development and maintenance of resources for the use of faculty, staff, and students on campus.

Occasional Fridays at 12 p.m. (location and time TBD). For more information, please contact April Cubbage at acubbage@saddleback.edu.

Current Membership

April Cubbage-Vega (Chair)
Amara Aguilar
Ariel Alexander
Allison Camelot
Deidre Cavazzi
Claire Cesareo
Anne Cox
Caroline Gee
Patricia Levin
Margot Lovett
Maria Teresa Romero (PT)


Upcoming Events

October - Domestic Violence Awareness
January - Human Trafficking Awareness
April - Sexual Assault Awareness

Plus speaker's on STD's, sexuality and women and crime

Domestic Violence Awareness: "Domestic Violence in Our Community", Marissa Presley, Laura's House

Sexual Assault Awareness: "Things That Outta Bother You", Dr. Foor, Sexual Assault Victim Services Orange County, CSP

Gay, Lesbian and Transgender Awareness: "Seth's Law: Anti-Bullying Legislation", Michele Ortiz, Equality Now

Women and Incarceration in California: "The Bars that Bound Me: The Challenges of Parole and Re-entry"
Dr. D'Auria, Vanguard University and Norma Cupian, former parolee and reform advocate

Documents and Resources

Laura's House - Domestic Violence Shelter, Outreach and Hotline

Sexual Assault Victim Services of Orange County, Community Service Programs - Providing 24 hour hotline crisis counseling, crisis intervention, support groups, referrals, emergency assistance and advocacy

Sociologists for Women in Society - An organization of social scientists fostering social equality for women

Domestic Violence Recovery