ASG Event Planning Process

STAGE I - Initial Event Planning

As an ASG member you likely have some amazing event ideas to share with your committee, council or the Board of Directors. ASG sponsored events must be officially supported by an ASG council, committee or the Board of Directors. The decision to sponsor an event is an action item that must be appropriately placed on the agenda for group consideration. Once approved, the ASG members responsible for the event may begin the official event planning process.

In order to obtain approval for an event idea, any member of ASG or group within ASG may:
  • Formulate a thorough plan/outline for the proposed idea and prepare to present that plan to the appropriate committee, council or the Board of Directors.
  • Ask the appropriate committee or council chair (or the ASG Presidents for the Board of Directors) to add the event idea presentation to their meeting agenda.
  • Once presented and approved, the ASG member/task force/planning group is empowered to begin the official event planning process. Keep in mind that most of the event conceptualizing and general planning has been done at this point in order to obtain approval and ASG sponsorship.

STAGE II - Official Event Planning

  1. Submit Event Details: Event Planning Form via Symplicity *at least* two weeks (ten business days) in advance of the event (click here for instructions on how to create an Event in Symplicity).
    • Please note that two weeks' notice is the *bare minimum* required to successfully plan an event. Most publicity cannot be executed in such little time and there are dangers in lack of room availability, etc. Advanced checks to vendors also require at least four weeks processing time.
    • Please note that planning for travel events, off campus and after hours opportunities all require special processing with full mentor/advisor participation.
  2. Secure Funding: If funds were officially allocated for the event, the Budget Transaction Form (in Symplicity) must be submitted at the same time as the Event Planning Form (click here for instructions on how to create a Budget Transaction in Symplicity).
    • Meeting minutes and *all* supporting documentation, such as catering invoices, estimates, and vendor W-9 forms *must* be submitted at this time. 
  3. Await Official Approval Notifications: When your event and budget transaction requests are approved by the Student Development Office the requestor will receive a notification email. Requests will automatically be denied if they are submitted incomplete, without advisor approval with two weeks notice, or if the forms are submitted with less than two weeks' (10 business days) notice. 
  4. Once your requests are approved you can finalize your event details, make the necessary purchases, coordinate your volunteers, and create all needed publicity. You will be assigned an envelope for the maintenance of receipts, etc.
    • ASG Publicity Request Form (posters and flyers only)
    • When purchasing gift cards the Gift Card Tracking Form must be utilized
    • Itemized receipts *must* be collected for all purchases
    • The ASG credit card may be reserved for use only by approved ASG leaders as funds are available

STAGE III - Event Reconciliation

  1. Turn in receipts in the envelope provided by the Student Development Office once your event and budget are both approved.
  2. Access Symplicty regularly to check in on the status of your event and budget.
  3. Keep your own spreadsheet of expenses and actual funds spent, logging in actual spent funds into Excel.
  4. Student Development cannot reconcile your budget in Symplicity until the requisition(s) close in the Distric system which is why it is imperative that you maintain your own spreadsheet as well.