Interior Design Programs

Interior Design Curriculum

Saddleback College offers an interdisciplinary Interior Design curriculum providing multi-level, accredited courses that prepare students with the competencies required to enter the Interior Design profession or transfer to a four-year college or university.

Associates of Science Degree: Interior Design Assistant

The Interior Design Associate in Science Degree provides the student with a comprehensive academic foundation to pursue multiple interior design careers as an Interior Design Assistant. 

The Associate in Science Degree will be awarded after completion of Level II certificate program and a minimum of 60 units including general education requirements with an overall GPA of 2.0. Refer to the Graduation Requirements for the specific course list meeting general education requirements.

2020-21 Catalog information about Interior Design Assistant Associate in Science degree

Certificates of Achievement, Level I: Interiors Merchandising

The Interiors Merchandising Level I provides the student with a short-term certificate program leading to employment in merchandising or sales.

2021-22 Catalog information about Level I - Interiors Merchandising Certificate of Achievement

ID 110 Fund. of Interior Design 3
ID 111* Interior Design Studio I 3
ID 112 Beg. Drafting for Interiors 3
ID 114 Applied Color & Design Theory for Interior Design 3
ID 115* CAD for Interior Design 3
ID 116 Interior Materials & Products 3
ID 122 History of Interior Arch & Furnishings I 3
ID 125 History of Interior Arch & Furnishings II 3
Total 24 Units







Certificates of Achievement, Level II: Interior Design Assistant

The Interior Design Assistant Level II provides the student with a certificate program that meets the educational standards for minimum preparation as a Certified Interior Designer (CID), employment as an Interior Design Assistant, or transfer to a 4-year program to earn a Bachelor’s Degree.

2021-22 Catalog information about Level II - Interior Design Assistant Certificate of Achievement

LI Level I Courses 24
ARCH 124A Arch. Drawing I 4
FASH 31 Textiles 3
ID 121* Space Planning 3
ID 123* ID Illustration 3
ID 126* ID Studio II 3
ID 127* Fund. of Lighting 3
ID 131* Digital Visualization 3
  Total 46 Units







Certificates of Achievement, Level III: Interior Design Professional

The Interior Design Professional Level III prepares graduates with the educational background required for the National Council for Interior Design Qualifications (NCIDQ) certification and employment as a professional Interior Designer.

Level III - Interior Design Professional Certificate of Achievement

LI & LII Level I & Level II Courses 46
ID 128* Business & Professional Practice for ID 3
ID 132 Codes & Specifications for ID 3
ID 133 Rendering & Rapid Visualization for ID 3
ID 134* Advanced CAD for ID 3
ID 129* ID Internship 1
CWE 180* Co-op Ed. ID 1
  Total 60 Units






Additional “Specialty Courses”

ID 210* Hospitality Design 3
ID 214* Bath Design 3
ID 215* Kitchen Design 3



*Course has a prerequisite, co-requisite, limitation, or recommended preparation; see course description in catalog.

Information about INTERIOR DESIGN COURSES (2021-22 Catalog)

Certificate Completion
Certificates may be completed at any time and an application for Certificate completion may be filed in Admissions & Records the semester during which the final courses are being completed.

Course work
A minimum of 12.0 units of certificate course work must be completed at Saddleback College.

Course work from other institutions may count towards a Certificate of Achievement if a waiver is obtained from the course instructor.