Nutrition for Competition

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This program is temporarily on hold until COVID subsides.

What is it?

Nutrition for Competition is a joint effort between the Nutrition and Athletic departments to optimize your performance through the foods you eat and drink. It is an optional program that teams and individual athletes can participate in including:

  • Team presentations on topics such as general nutrition, healthy snacking, protein, pre- and post- workout meals, hydration or other topics of interest.
  • Individual analysis of body composition using state-of-the-art bioimpedance analyzers.
  • Individual analysis of resting metabolic rate (RMR) for an estimate of how many calories you need.
  • Individual dietary counseling for weight loss, weight/muscle gain, healthy snack and meal ideas, nutritional deficiencies, and other areas that can help optimize athletic performance.

Who is eligible? 

  • You need to be a current student at Saddleback and be participating on an athletic team in either spring or fall semesters.

Sign-up sheets and schedule

  • Team presentations are scheduled through your coach.

  • Body composition and metabolic measurements are done in the Athletic Training room (PE 108). Sign up sheets are on the door, or you can sign up directly here. Email Katy Dyer if you have questions. 

  • Individual counseling sessions are done in PE 501. Sign up sheets are on the door of the Athletic Training room, or you can sign up directly here.  Email Katy Dyer if you have questions.

How to find out more:

Contact Katy Dyer or Lori Hoolihan for more information on how YOU or YOUR TEAM can benefit from this program!


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