Modern residenceThis occupational program is a two-year sequence of courses designed for students who wish to train for employment in  architecture or a field related to the construction industry.

Employment Opportunities:

Work in an Architecture firm
Work in an Engineering firm
Working with a Building Contractor or Developer
Research and Development
Model-making, Photography, & Rendering
Environmental and Landscape Design
Teaching at Colleges and Universities

   Building Construction Inspection

Walt Disney Concert Hall under construction The Construction Inspection Certificate program is designed to  provide technical and theoretical knowledge of construction and  secure employment as in-house, agency, city, county, or state  building safety inspector.


Employment opportunities:

 Architectural firms
 Public and governmental agencies
 Large companies

Jobs in related areas could include:
 Code Enforcement
 Residential Inspection
 Commercial Inspection

Jobs with further education:
 Building Site Supervisor
 Zoning and Planning Staff

For more information, please contact our staff below.

Blake Stephens View profile information for Blake Stephens
Department Chair
(949) 582-4786
Glen Stevenson View profile information for Glenn Stevenson
Mechanical Drafting/CAD
(949) 582-4427
Thomas Smith View profile information for Thomas Smith
Senior Lab Technician, ATAS
(949) 582-4780

Gainful Employment Disclosure Statements

Federal regulations require higher education institutions to disclose information regarding the success of its students in certificate programs that lead to employment.

The information includes graduation rates, estimated education costs, median debt of students who completed programs, and other information designed to help students make better-informed choices about colleges and universities they select.

Architectural Drafting

Construction Inspection