Safety & Pollution Prevention (S/P2)

Attention current Automotive Technology students, please follow the Directions below to complete the Mechanical Safety modules, practice test and final certification test.

Specified dates to complete this certification test will be indicated by your automotive technology instructor.

Go to the S/P2 website:

Enter the following in the log in area;

Account ID: 57084

Password: young

Pin: Use your Saddleback College Student ID number

Click on the "Log in" button.

Select "Mechanical Safety" from the course list.

Carefully read each of the 14 modules, taking the module "practice test" at the end of each module. After completing all modules, you will take a final certification test.

You have approximately 30 min. to take the final certification test. Questions are multiple-choice. The test is graded on-line, and the results are available immediately. You must score 80% or better to receive your certificate.

If you do not score 80% or greater on the first try, you can review the material and try up to four more times. You must pass the test to be included in course lab activities.

Bring a copy of your certificate to your instructor to be issued a department safety card.

AutoTech safety department cards are good for one year (Fall, Spring, Summer).

Once you have been issued a department safety card you will be required to read and sign the Saddleback College Automotive Technology Safety Agreement.

Remember the old saying, "There's never time to do it right, but always time to do it over."