Family and Consumer Sciences

ChefThe Family and Consumer Sciences program is designed to develop those skills necessary for gainful employment in the field of Home Economics. Combined with courses such as business, journalism, television, or advertising, the Family and Consumer Sciences curriculum can also fulfill the vocational objectives of those who want to use their background in business or communications. Those wishing to transfer to a four-year college and receive a Bachelor’s degree in Family and Consumer Sciences/Home Economics should refer to the transfer program in the catalog and in the catalog of the intended college of transfer.

View our certificate in the College Catalog under Certificates and Degrees.

Entry-Level Positions include:

Independent Living Services
At-Risk Youth Programs
Community and Volunteer Organizations
After School Programs
Nonmedical Senior Care
Programs for Older Adults
Self-Improvement Education
Product Sales
Manufacturer’s Representative
Customer Service Representative
Store Manager

With Further Education and Experience:

Life Skills Educator
Cooperative Extension
Consumer Protection
Product Development
Financial Literacy
Occupational Training
Public Policy

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Department Chair
Foods and Nutrition Instructor
Family and Consumer Sciences 
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