Food is an important part of our daily life but with fad diets, allergies, and obesity it is sometimes hard to figure out what to eat. The field of Nutrition helps people make the correct dietary decisions while assisting in the prevention of many of today’s most common illnesses. Start training today to make smarter food choices or to start a career in this exciting field.

Popular Classes

     -      FN 50     Fundamentals of Nutrition
                               (counts as a GE)
     -      FN 64     Nutrition Issues and Controversies
     -      FN 160   Weight Management and Eating
     -      FN 161   Nutrition for Health Occupations
     -      FN 164   Sports Nutrition
     -      FN 169   Lifecycle Nutrition

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Lori Hoolihan
Department Chair
Nutrition Instructor
(949) 582-4598