Food is an important part of our daily lives. With fad diets, allergies, intolerances, and a host of health and weight concerns, do you ever wonder if you’re making the best choices? The field of nutrition helps guide people to make healthy dietary decisions to feel their best TODAY and stay healthy for TOMORROW. Start learning this semester how to start an exciting career in this field, or just how to make smarter food choices that include your favorite foods!

Popular Classes

     -      FN 50     Fundamentals of Nutrition
                               (counts as a GE)
     -      FN 64     Nutrition Issues and Controversies
     -      FN 160   Weight Management and Eating
     -      FN 161   Clinical Nutrition
     -      FN 164   Sports Nutrition
     -      FN 165   Careers in Nutrition
     -      FN 169   Lifecycle Nutrition
     -      FN 206   Sustainable Nutrition

Many of these classes have sections that use FREE or REDUCED COST textbook and materials !!  Check the Schedule of Classes for the flagged courses!


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