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Our division has 29 diverse instructional areas, 55 Certificates, Degrees or Award areas of high/low technical training, vocational, occupational, as well as for lifelong learning, and are here to serve your needs. Whether you are just beginning your college career, advancing in your current position, or looking to change careers, Saddleback College is the place for you!  If you would like to get information about a program, please click on one in the right column.

For a brief summary of the various programs, see our Division Flyer.

"To provide quality technical instruction and career preparation to our students and participate in the vision and mission of Saddleback College."

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Our division has over 30 programs with classes to upgrade your skills in the area you are working or to explore another type of job.

Try one of our classes.  We offer many evening classes as well as day for your convenience.


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