AHE Event Calendar

Spring 2019

Professional Development (Flex) Week

Institute for Teaching and Learning

  Wednesday, January 9th 2:30 - 3:20 pm BGS 232

Looking for ways to energize the classroom with high engagement activities for reading and writing? What are the most effective teaching practices for today’s millennial student, and how are these different from previously acknowledged pedagogical practices? Take part in the conversation of how application of AVID for higher education strategies help students with effective note-taking, retrieval exercises and peer tutoring.

AHE: Continuing the ITL Conversation

  Wednesday, January 9th 3:30 - 4:20 pm BGS 232


AHE Practicum

Session 1 Friday, February 1 9 am  - 12 pm LRC 104
Session 2 Friday, March 15 9 am  - 12 pm LRC 104
Session 3 Friday, April 19 9 am  - 12 pm LRC104

Peer Academy

Session 1 Friday, February 1 10 am - 12 pm BGS 135
Session 2 Friday, March 1 10 am - 12 pm BGS 135
Session 3 Friday, April 5 10 am - 12 pm BGS 135

AHE Consultation Hour

This drop-in consultation is designed to assist any faculty member with incorporating AHE high-impact, high-engagement activities into the classroom. Those interested in learning more about Saddleback's AVID for Higher Education are also welcome to visit. 

Meet with Sara Gonzalez or Janelle Brunner in the
Faculty Center for Student Success on these dates:

Sara Gonzalez Tuesday, February 19th 3-4pm
Janelle Brunner Monday, February 25th 11am-12pm
Janelle Brunner Wednesday, March 13th 11am-12pm
Sara Gonzalez Tuesday, March 26th 3-4pm