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Fall 2018

Professional Development (Flex) Week

Strategies for Teaching Reading and Writing for Proficiency

Presentation by
Connie Kihyet
Tuesday, August 14 2:30 - 3:20 pm BGS 326

Looking for ways to energize the classroom with high engagement activities for reading and writing? What are the most effective teaching practices for today’s millennial student, and how are these different from previously acknowledged pedagogical practices? Take part in the conversation of how application of AVID for higher education strategies help students with effective note-taking, retrieval exercises and peer tutoring.

AVID for Higher Education Professional Development

Presentation by
AHE Campus
Leadership Team
Tuesday, August 14 3:30 - 4:50 pm BGS 250

Are you interested in learning about a Saddleback faculty professional development program that increases student engagement, maximizes knowledge and skill acquisition, and facilitates a captivating classroom environment? Come and see how the AVID Campus Leadership Team is making an impact at Saddleback College. In this session, participants are shown how Saddleback’s AVID for Higher Education differs from AVID in K-12, how student success is being influenced, and how to sign up for either the Fall ‘18 AHE Practicum or AHE Peer Academy professional development workshop series. Both are paid professional development opportunities. We trust that you will find this presentation informative and helpful.

AHE Practicum

Session 1 Friday, September 21 9 am  - 12 pm  
Session 2 Friday, October 19 9 am  - 12 pm  
Session 3 Friday, November 16 9 am  - 12 pm  

Peer Academy

Session 1 Friday, September 7 11 am  - 1 pm  
Session 2 Friday, October 5 11 am  - 1 pm  
Session 3 Friday, November 2 11 am  - 1 pm  

AHE Consultation Hour

Email Pete Murray for individual office hours

Tina Jenkins     FCSS
Tina Jenkins     FCSS
Tina Jenkins     FCSS
Tina Jenkins     FCSS
Tina Jenkins     FCSS
Tina Jenkins     FCSS
Tina Jenkins     FCSS