It is an essential aspect of the College Mental Health Program to provide students with an environmentlock where they feel safe and free to seek help. All counselors maintain the strictest standards of privacy and confidentiality. All personal counseling records are kept separate from all academic, administrative, disciplinary, and medical records. No information about a student’s sessions with a College Mental Health counselor is released to anyone or to any institution without the express knowledge and written consent of the student.

All information disclosed within sessions is strictly confidential and may not be revealed or released to anyone outside the counseling office without the knowledge and written permission of the student, except where reporting is required by law. Disclosure of personal counseling information is required in circumstances where there is a reasonable suspicion of child abuse, elder abuse or dependent abuse; where the student is at risk for hurting herself/himself unless protective measures are taken; where the student presents a clear and serious threat of harm, danger or violence to another; or where the student seeks counseling in order to commit a crime, or to avoid detection and/or apprehension for a crime.

There are also very rare instances where a court of law may require that a counselor disclose relevant information during a legal proceeding that involves the student. These instances are extremely rare and do not include divorce, child custody, personal injury or harassment situations.