On Campus Resources

The BRIDGES program helps ensure their students are connected with on-campus resources and student support programs for which they are eligible.  

On-Campus Student Support Programs:

  • DSPS - The Disabled Students Programs and Services program provides support services, specialized instruction, and authorizes educational accommodations for students with disabilities so that they can participate fully and benefit equitably in their college experience.
  • EOPS - Extended Opportunity Program and Services is designed to assist students from educational and socioeconomic disadvantaged backgrounds by helping them prepare to transfer to four-year universities, complete an Associates Degree or achieve a vocational certificate.
  • CARE - Cooperative Agencies Resources for Education is an extension of the EOPS program.  CARE serves as an educational support/assistance program for single head-of-household parents who currently receive CalWORKs cash aid for themselves and/or their children.
  • CalWORKs - The California Community Colleges CalWORKs Program is a state mandated and funded program that assists current cash aid eligible parents.
  • VETS - The VETS program directly provides support services and acts as a bridge to external support serviecs for student veterans, active miliary personnel, and their loved ones.


On-Campus Resources:

  • Student Health Center - The Student Health Center offers quality, confidential medical health care and psychological therapy for all currently enrolled students; who have paid their health fee.
  • Tutoring Center - The LRC Tutoring Center offers the following services: one-on-one, drop-in, and group tutoring; online tutoring; Embedded tutoring (ET); PASS; Directed Learning Activities (DLAs); Chemistry Modules; and ESL conversation and grammar workshops.
  • The Re-Entry Center - The Re-Entry Center helps men and women who are transitioning to college, changing careers, or finding a new direction in their lives by offering guidance and referrals to on and off campus resources and services.
  • Career Resource Center - Find career guidance services including college resources and systems; resources for searching majors and colleges; and career assessments and occupational information.
  • Transfer Center - It is the mission of the Saddleback College Transfer Center to ensure a transfer culture by providing resources and counseling services to empower students so they can achieve their desired transfer goal and career objective.