Resources for Undecided Students

Finding a Major and Creating a MAP:


Self Assessment: Find out who you are and what you want

There are many pathways you can take to reach a career. In order to create a My Academic Plan (MAP), find a major and a college or university that offers that major.  If you would like to choose a major quickly, complete the activities that have asterisks (*)
  1. Free resources to find direction (look for common themes for a major or level of education):

Exploration: Learn about the world of work and your educational path

There are many choices when it comes to finding additional information on careers, majors and schools.
  1. Explore Careers and Majors
  2. Schools Universities and Colleges
    • * Assist.Org - Explore CSU and UC majors
    • California Colleges - Information on Cal Community College's programs
    • Assist.Org - Explore courses required in a major to transfer into a CSU and UC schools
    • College Navigator - Explains basic information on all colleges including cost and data on graduates. Select a Zip code and a program/major and level of degree to see educational options.

Decision Making: Analyze occupational, academic and career information

You have many decisions when it comes to choice of major and educational training options. Typically, there is no one correct path to a career. Include people in your decision making; friends, co-workers, siblings parents and staff at the college can help lead you to additional information to solidify your choices. Check out some of these interpersonal exercises to help you make decisions.

Create an Academic Plan (MAP): Your path to success.

An updated educational plan which is then reviewed and locked by a counselor is required to qualify for a priority in the registration cycle. To build an updated educational plan, follow these steps.

Job and Career Search: Look for job experience (jobs and internships)

There are many resources online and the local OneStops (EDD/Unemployment offices) to assist you in this process. Saddleback College has a job board (Gaucho Jobs), but individual help is no longer available in Career Services starting Dec., 2012. For more information on job resources for students, click on Job Services for Students link in the upper left hand corner or click here.

On Campus:

  • Counseling Classes (these classes are usually taken to help you choose what majors, career and/or colleges best fit your needs)
  • Counseling Appointments
  • The Career Resource Center: Check out our resources at our center's Navigation Page.
  • Complete a Self Directed Assessment (This is for the independent student that wants to explore career) The center offers free career assessments, self-directed assessment packets, assessments for classroom use and counseling help with career and life planning.
  • View your MySite home page and emails for upcoming workshops campus-wide

Online Links:

Fun Links to Explore:

Youtube Links:

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