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The Career Resource Center offers career workshops online. Please note that all workshops begin promptly at their designated start time and late arrivals may not be admitted, especially for students seeking Extra Credit. Click here for a full calendar view of all of our workshops.

Register for all workshops in advance by clicking on the "Register here" link. You will get a zoom link immediately after completing the registration form. For any questions, email us at sccrc@saddleback.edu, or call our main phone line at (949) 582-4575.

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Featured Workshops

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How to Be a Successful Student Employee
Want to work on campus? There are different types of on campus opportunities for students that can help you gain experience, learn professional skills, and prepare for future employment. Join us to learn about where to find these opportunities and how you can be successful in your application and on the job.

What you need to Know ! 
This workshop will explore the many tools online and in-person services available to you at Saddleback College. Additionally, it will introduce you to the career services and classes to help you decide on a major. There will be time for questions and answers. This workshop will last approximately 1 hour and you can log into Zoom up to 10 minutes before the start time. 

Let Your Personality Guide You to New Careers
How can you use clues about your personality and preferences to identify career choices? Work with our Career Guidance Specialist to learn more and before the end get a list of careers that may match you! Note: This presentation will last approximately 1.5 hours, and please log into Zoom up to 10 minutes before the start time. 

Finding & Researching Colleges and Programs
Learn how to research programs and majors at colleges and universities. This presentation will last approximately 45 minutes. You can sign into Zoom 10 minutes early to ensure you can connect properly. 

Designing Your Life
Spend time learning about the most important design project of all – your life. This is an overview of how the principles of design thinking can be applied to career and life planning. We will practice a couple of ideas and tools contained in the bestselling book, Designing Your Life, How to Build a Well-Lived, Joyful Life

Finding Your Career Path
In today’s world, your career isn’t necessarily tied to one particular major or degree. There are many paths to your career of choice, so how do you determine the best path for you, and navigate it successfully? This workshop will help you do just that! 

Your Interests and Career Choice
Learn how your interests can play an integral role in career exploration and planning. 

Resume Writing Tips
Learn about formatting tips and highlight your unique experience, education, and skills. Articulate your value and tailor your resume to a specific job description or employer. 

Interviewing Tips
Get comfortable with frequently asked interview questions while learning how to share your story effectively. Review tips on professional etiquette and follow up successfully to land your next opportunity! 

Job Search Strategies
Pick up some key techniques that will help you plan your job search and maintain your energy throughout the process. 

Creative Visioning for Your Career
Let’s get creative and make career decisions! Join us to vision your next career move through mind mapping, vision boards, and researching how Saddleback majors fit into industry. 

Create Your LinkedIn Profile
Learn more about LinkedIn, the professional networking social media platform, and create your profile from scratch! Get proven strategies to communicate your value and learn how to effectively build your network. 

Additional Resources

Career Guidance Appointments
We help students with making career decisions, choosing a major, and researching occupational information. Low cost personality and career assessments are also available. Students can contact us directly at (949) 582-4575 to meet one-on-one with our Career Guidance Specialist.

Career Placement Services
Don't forget to keep an eye on the Career Placement events calendar for available appointments and events to help in your job search, or visit the Career Placement Services website. For questions, contact Eric in the division of Economic Workforce Development and Business Science at (949) 582-4278.