Exploration Stage

On-Campus Resources

  • Speak to your Counselors, instructors and other students
  • Visit the Career Services in SSC 140
  • Visit Job Services at www.Saddleback.edu/jobs and create an account on Gaucho Jobs (User name is your college's email. Follow directions at website)

In the Center:
*Use Vocational Biographies (IE Favorites), and link at our career navigation page.
*Check out books from the career/transfer library. 
* View Career Exploration Videos in Career and Re-Entry Center, SSC 140.
* Use 'EBooks Collections' located at the College Library's website. You must enter your sign in information from off-campus.

Information on choosing a Major:
What Can I Do with a Major with...
In the Career Center (the link is located on the Navigation Page, What Can I do with a Major In...) 
* Explore Major - Cal State LA
* Explore Major - Univ. of North Carolina, Wilmington
* Explore Major - Univ. of Delaware
* Explore Major - University of California, Berkeley
* Explore Major - K State (Kansas)
* Explore Major - Cal State University, San Diego
* Explore Major - Cal State University, Long Beach & Career Planning Strategies
* Explore Major - MyPlan

Suggested On-line Links:

Research Occupational Information
* Occupational Outlook Handbook (OOH) - Occupational Information
* O*Net - Occupational Information
* California Occupational Guides  
* CA Career Zone - Holland Assessment and Occupational Information
* CA Labor Market Career Center - Career/Occupational Information for California

Career Specific Occupational Information and Professional Associations:
* Insurance Careers - From the California Insurance Industry for students, employers and educators
* Gaming Association - International Game Developers Association 
* Game Career Guide - Explains gaming industry but hosts many non-accredited schools
* CaCareerCafe.Com - Why belong to an Association? Lookup associations by industry

Salary Check 
*Salary.com - Salary Wizard, check pay rates by Zip code (Don't need to give email)

Job and Preparation Information
* Internships, Part-time Work - Gaucho Jobs and College assistance
* Agricultural Internships - AgCareers.com 
* Green Careers - CaGreenJobs Workbook (pdf) 
* CA Labor Market Career Center - Career/Occupational Information for California
* Non-Traditional Careers for Woman - Nontraditional careers with exploring about specific careers 

Study Abroad, Internships and other educational and volunteer opportunities 
* Internships with the County of Orange
* Volunteer Center Orange County
* Cal Teach - Statewide information on teaching in California
* Edjoin.org - Search all jobs for k-12 school districts in Orange County 
* Study Abroad - One of many companies to assist to place you
* Study Abroad - Here is another company
* Teaching English Abroad - One of many companies
* DC Internships - DC internship opportunities 
* FAA Training - How to become an Air Traffic Control Specialist (ATCS)

Professional Apprenticeship/Employment /Location Information
* Career Trends - Bureau of Labor Statistics (box to the right... Hottest Jobs) 
* Hoover's - Research Companies and the people that work for them (via library hoovers.com)
* FireCareers.com - Testimonials and Bulletin Boards - not non-profit
* The Blue Line.com - Search jobs in public safety sector 
* Electrical Careers - Part of the Independent Electrical Contractors Association 

On-line Career Videos Links:
* Alberta Canada - Career Videos
* Job Dango - Career Videos 
* Career Voyages Videos,  Magazine (Mag. suited for Teens) and Hot Jobs
InsideTeaching Videos - Stanford University, To support excellence in teaching

Major, Career and College Exploration Links:
* Major and Career Profiles (CollegeBoard.org)
* Assist.org - Explore Colleges in California
* College Search (CollegeNet.com)
* College Search (CollegeBoard.org)

For questions or comments, please contact Don Mineo
Saddleback College does not promote one specific web site and would not suggest to utilized pay sites unless the student researches the product.