Toddler Child Care Program

Our program currently serves children 18 months through 30 months of age.  Our high quality toddler program provides the children a primary care system that will set the stage for them to establish deep connections with their caregiver.  By doing so, the children feel connected to someone familiar whose presence and caring attention meets their physical and emotional needs throughout the day.

We are proud that our toddler program provides an intimate setting, with one-on-one interactions, along with small group interactions in a caring and positive environment. We believe that play is integral in the child’s learning process and we provide a safe environment for the child to explore with many different learning opportunities.  Toddlers develop close bonds with their caregivers giving them a sense of security and self-esteem.  Current brain-based research shows how warm, responsive, consistent continuity of care fosters many aspects of successful social, emotional and cognitive development in toddlers. We strive to foster curriculum that is relationship based.

It is our primary goal to fully understand and support the needs of each child and family who enroll in our program.  We recognize the importance of getting to know each family individually, forming partnerships with parents through daily communication, building mutual trust, involving families in the program and respecting cultural and family differences.  It is our hope that by taking a partnership approach, together we can build a relationship of trust and understanding.  This foundation will provide your child with a sense of community and a life long gift of wonderment.