College For Kids [CFK]

Plan now for COLLEGE FOR KIDS in 2018! College For Kids allows kids a chance to experience college life. Students can develop their own individualized class schedules from a wide range of offerings, including but not limited to, math, writing, reading, Spanish, computers, science, study skills, theater, art, film animation, and sports. The Summer Gaucho Guide and College For Kids Planner will be published in Early Spring. Keep up to date by tuning into our monthly newsletter. Join our mailing list by creating your personal Community Education account on our registration site

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CFK | Junior Gauchos Guide Request

Community Education will provide a Guide for your child from one CFK activity to another CFK activity if the activities are in different areas of the campus. We do not escort students between classrooms that are in the same area and to/from the pool (except for water polo). Refer to the Guide Request Form below for specific transition locations. Your child must not have a break while on campus (other than the times between classes that run back-to-back). We are not responsible for children who are left on campus unattended.

Children must be picked up immediately after their last class of the day. We do not provide a Guide to stay with your child until you arrive. Please allow extra time when planning your schedule to pick up your child.

Please submit one request for a guide per child. Because it may be necessary to submit several requests for you to ensure that all children and classes are covered, please carefully review your child’s schedule before submitting your guide requests. Your accuracy is crucial. Thank you, and have a great summer!

CFK Guide Request Forms

PARKING:   College For Kids and Summer Swim Lessons Parking Information will be available in early spring. A parking permit is required to park in any Saddleback College campus lot 24 hours a day, seven days a week.