How to become a Saddleback College CERT member

Annual on-campus CERT Academy training (Summer)

  • July of each Year
    • Initial CERT training takes 3 full days (8 hours each day). Lunch is provided.
    • Registration for the next CERT Academy training will begin in May and will be linked here.

Quarterly Refresher Trainings

Quarterly training exercises are offered to keep CERT team members skills up.

Already CERT Trained? Join The Saddleback College CERT Program

If you're already a CERT member in your community, you may become a member of Saddleback College's CERT program. To join, contact Saddleback College CERT Program.
As a Saddleback College CERT member, you will:

  • Receive a certificate for your employee file
  • Get a Saddleback College CERT emergency backpack with emergency supplies
  • Be invited to participate in campus CERT exercises

CERT Volunteer Opportunities

Graduates of CERT training maintain and expand their skills by participating in additional exercises, refresher training, and campus drills. Members can also volunteer for projects to help improve community preparedness.

Emergency Information