Team Members Participation Survey

We appreciate your service to Saddleback College and its students and staff/faculty by volunteering with the Saddleback College Community Emergency Response Team (CERT).

We would like you to complete this short survey on your participation in the CERT program.

Would you like to continue to serve on the Saddleback College CERT program? Please understand that this commitment requires participation in quarterly CERT training exercises to ensure your CERT skills are maintained in case of a real-world emergency.
Do you receive emails from informing you of upcoming CERT program exercises and trainings?
If applicable, please describe any type of difficulties you’ve experienced with attending or participating in CERT training exercises. One of the main goals of the CERT board is to make it easier for the CERT members to participate in training exercises.
Please select any trainings you would be interested in participating in through the Saddleback College CERT program. Please select all that apply:
What day of the week would work BEST for you to participate in CERT training exercises? If multiple days, please select all that apply.
Is there anything else you’d like to see from the CERT program or is there any other feedback you’d like to provide?