Affinity Group LGBTQIA+

This Affinity Group is in support of the LGBTQIA+ (L=Lesbian, G=Gay, B=Bisexual, T=Transgendered, Q=Queer, or Questioning, I=Intersex & Indifferent, A=Androgynous or Asexual or Allies, + = All others) community. The Lavender Group helps to connect the LGBTQIA+ community of professionals and allies. This community will assist individuals to be more productive and successful in career and life endeavors.

The goals of the Lavender Affinity Group as of June 2021:

  • Assist individuals of the LGBTQIA+ to reach higher levels of professional employment in the SOCCC District and beyond.
  • Educate individuals (staff and students) of the hardship experiences by the LGBTQIA+ persons.
  • Provide safe spaces for LGBTQIA+ staff and students community.
  • Act as a social support group with focus on education and advocacy.
  • Participate in Region VIII advocacy board(s) and disseminate and foster possible scholarships for the LGBTQIA+ population.

How to support the LGBTQIA+ Community from the SOCCCD

Safe Space Logo with rainbow design in the letter A in Safe and LGBTQIA+ wording   Ally Sticker - upside down triangle in the rainbow colors  


IVC Pride Scholars Program SC Health Services Health inequality TruEvolution
National Gay Hotline Employee Guide- Assisting Students SC health services Sexual Assault Hotline
National Gay Senior Hotline PFlag support hotlines The Center OC LGBTQ+

Members of  the Lavender Group - email dmineo to be listed as a member or an ally:
*Leads of the Lavender Group

Name Location Division or Department Contact information
Donald Mineo* Saddleback Career Guidance Services


Sholeh Alizadeh Saddleback Re-Entry Resource Services
Maria Castellanos* Saddleback CalWorks Counselor
Carmenmara Hernandez- Bravo Saddleback L.A./Inter'nl languages
Jenny Langrell SC Library
Melissa Klimowicz Saddleback SC technology dept.
Marco Madariaga- Benavide Saddleback College Promise Program

Erin Pollard* IVC Manager of Student Equity 
Steve Rosa Saddleback FAMT/ Dance
Eric Hilden Saddleback Econ Dev & Business
Juan De La Cruz Saddleback Career Resource Center
Renee Garcia Saddleback Anthropology Dept/ Soc Science (SS) 
Pete Murray Saddleback Humanities/ SS 
Georgia Guy Saddleback Dean Equity & SP 
Nicola (Nic) Perry Saddleback Administration
Sam Lockhart Saddleback ASG President 2021-22 
Lori Parra Saddleback EOPS specialist
Cheryl Bailey IVC Chair/ Library Svs
Edwin (Eddie) Tiongson IVC Speech Instructor
Lisa Liao IVC Outreach Assistant
Brett McKim ATEP Integrated Design Instructor
Angel Hernandez IVC Counselor
Tiffany Gamboa IVC Counselor
Robert Melendez IVC Counselor
Andrew Malinis IVC Pride Scholars Counselor
Ryan Hitch SC English Instructor   
Anthony Szczurek SC Political Sci. Instructor
Yyonne Balardes SC Office Assistant  
Michelle Macdougal Jackson SC Theatre Manager
Erlynne Ballo SC College Promise
Georgina Martinez   SC College Promise
Madeline Hernandez SC Science, Math & Engineering
Tim Swiss SC Lighting & Sound
Dan Predoehl SC Emeritus Director
Chantelle Gil SC Stdt Support Spclist
Jacqueline (Jackie) Parra SC A/R Spclist I
Carla Conn SC  Counseling Off Asst
Lisa Macafee SC DSPS Counselor