Career Assessments

Are you trying to find career direction? The Career Resource Center offers many ways to learn about yourself, educational options, and career options. To utilize some of the career assessments, inventories, and surveys you may need a referral from a Saddleback College Counselor or the Career Guidance Specialist. You will also need to make a minimum of a 1 hour review session for each inventory.

Assessments offered by Career Guidance Services include: MBTI®*, Strong Interest Inventory®**, Sigi®, Eureka Micro Skills®, and the Strong Interest Inventory® (this is a partial list). Students are encouraged to review the results from any assessment with the Career Guidance Specialist or a Counselor. Call (949) 582-4575 to schedule an appointment.


This is a program that asks you to identify and prioritize the values that are most important to you. You will also pick some areas of interest and activities that you enjoy and find rewarding. Then you will use combinations of these selections to come up with careers best suited to you. Contact the Career Resource Center for access to this Career System for free.

Eureka MicroSkills 

Identify and prioritize the 35 skills that you would most like to use in your life's work. The online computer system will match these skills to the skill sets required in more than 250 careers, and identify those careers in which the skills needed closely match the ones you have chosen. You will then have an opportunity to learn more about these careers so that you can evaluate which careers might be the best choice for you. Eureka includes three different assessments. Contact the Career Resource Center for access to this Career System for free.

Strong Interest Inventory® (SII) & Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®(MBTI)

The Strong Interest Inventory provides an opportunity to assess your interests in a wide range of occupations, work activities, leisure activities and school subjects. Test results provide you with a RIASEC code and diagram based on your interests, which helps you identify career options and possible academic majors. This assessment requires that you meet with a Counselor or the Career Guidance Specialist for a 1 hour appointment to review results. Many Counseling 40, 60 and Gender Studies 120 courses use these assessments within the classroom.

The other popular career assessment from the same website is the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®). Please visit the Myers-Briggs Company to learn more.

Ask the Career Guidance Specialist or a Counseling instructor how to access the instructional video and system link to take the Elevate inventories. Students will be given a specific code in your course.

Career Cruising Video - Overview of Occupational outlook handbook

Career Cruising can help you discover your interests. Contact us for a free access code - you will need to provide your Student ID number and name. Contact the Career Resource Center for access to this Career System for free.



For Counseling Faculty:
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