Blackboard Grade Center

  1. View – interactive view, screen reader
  2. Action Bar – Create menu, calculated column, manage option, and create reports
  3. Sort Column – layout position, categories, due date, date created, points possible or display name
  4. Order – place columns in ascending or descending order
  5. Grade Information Bar – information about the column selected
  6. Filter – view by category or by status
  7. Work Offline – download or upload grades
  8. Icon Legend – meaning of icons such as needs grading, user unavailable etc.
  9. Edit Row Displayed – default rows displayed, max is 50 rows

Blackboard OnDemand Video Tutorials

Create a Grade Rule - Early Warning System

Associate Rubric with a Gradable Item

Grading with Rubrics - organizes students

Create Smart Views

Downloading Grade History

Grading Question by Question

Color Coding

Create Grade Notes - helps instructors

Create Grade Center Report

Needs Grading

Create Grading Rubric

View Grade Details

Annonymous Grading

Working Offline

Automatic Regrading


CIDDE Support

Needs Grading

Needs Grading

Create Grade Column

Changing or Assigning Column Categories

Organize Columns

Create Grade Period

Delete Column

Edit Grading Schemas

Hiding Rows & Hiding Columns

Showing Columns

Create Weighted Column

Sorting Rows & Columns

Create Extra Credit Column

Create Category