Universal Accessibility

Video Captioning

Dates, Deadlines & Instructions

For Fall 2013 Submit by May 1st

  1. Submit to CIDDE this Captioning Grant Request form
  2. Forms will be submitted for approval.
  3. Once approved, CIDDE will contact you to collect actual videos - either urls or flash drive containing files

By June 3rd Finalize all video submissions (step 3) course material you want captioned


The following is a list of projects that the grant will cover:

  1. Hybrid classes (some instructional hours offered at a distance)
  2. On-campus classes utilizing distance methods of content delivery as they evolve (e.g., class capture, web conferencing, vodcasting, podcasting, content posted within a Learning Management System)
  3. Digital learning object respositories used to collect and make available digitized content; this content could be used by on-campus, hybrid, online, and other delivery methods.

Please note: If you are turning in multiple videos, please separate the approximate minutes of each one. The billing goes by the nearest 5 min increments. So we need them noted separately.

If you need more information about getting videos captioned, feel free to contact CIDDE at: sccidde@saddleback.edu


Why should I caption videos?

The law 508 -

YouTube caption sync capabilities - Did you know you can upload a txt script with your videos in YouTube and it will caption / and sync with your video on the fly? You do now ;O) Here's more information about the captioning options in YouTube or go to: http://www.youtube.com/t/captions_about.