Quick Equipment Checkout

How to quick check out:

  • Tables (1 per club)
  • Chairs (2 per club)
  • Popcorn machine (1) (no popcorn provided)
  • Cotton candy machine (1) (no cotton candy provided)
  • Speaker (1) & Aux cable (1)
  • Microphone (1)
  • Staple gun (1)
  • Tape Roll(s)

Without submitting an Event Planning Form

  1. Sign on to Symplicity
  2. 2 choose the club/org that is checking out the item
  3. Under “notes” create a new note with:
                     a. Name
                     b. Date
    c. Time out
                     d. Item(s)

     4.  Under “links” click item check out and complete “Quick item check-out” form.
     5.  When returning item(s)
a. Items must be cleaned.
b. If damage has occurred you must notify Student Development staff.
                                           i. If items are damaged, the club will be charged for the damages.
c. Create new group note in Symplicity
i. Name
ii. Date
iii. Time in
iv. Item(s)