Saddleback College Oral History

Ronald Reagan speaking at Saddleback College dedication (October 15, 1968)The Saddleback College oral history web site contains recollections of members of the college community beginning with those hired in 1967. The seminal work, Making History, the First Years of Saddleback College, compiled by Lynn Wells and Julie Brady-Jenner was published in 2001. The book was the first formal effort to collect oral histories of the founding faculty and administrators--some forty voices. Lynn and Julie interviewed most of the founding faculty members and administrators. The transcripts from the oral interviews became the basis for their book.

When Dr. Tod Burnett asked me if I would continue Lynn and Julie’s work, I accepted the opportunity that became my Spring 2013 sabbatical project. Besides providing access to Making History, the book and interviews, this web site adds the recollections (oral interviews and written submissions) of colleagues hired between 1969 and 1979.

For many years, the Library has been interested in preserving and providing access to historical materials about the College. This web site will be an ongoing effort to document the College's history with the voices of more faculty, staff, and administrators. In the near future, the Library will create and maintain a digital institutional archive with many official documents in the Library collections.

Besides President Burnett, I’m grateful to Jennie McCue, Julie Brady-Jenner, Mark Kruhmin, Michael Martinez, Shouka Torabi, Ken Kinder, Cheryl Altman for their advice and support. And to the colleagues who kindly responded to my invitation to share their recollections, a heartfelt "Thank you!"  This project would not have been possible without your participation.

Ana María Cobos

August, 2013