Bill Weisgerber


Bill Weisgerber

Business Science Instructor Bill Weisgerber and wifeMy career with Saddleback College started in January 1973.  Saddleback College became of interest to me as an excellent opportunity to work in an environment of beginnings and growth.  I felt that a recently established college with an excellent growth potential would challenge me to stay excited and engaged with my career.  I was not disappointed!  It was wonderful to introduce new technologies for enhancing student learning while at the same time being able to work with a team of dedicated educators.  These times were not an effort but a joy.

I was first hired as Director of Media Services. My first task was to move into the new Library/Classroom Building in 1974. This was the first permanent building on campus. Space then became available for the expansion of the library collection. The media center on the first floor was my focus with a television studio, photo lab, audio-visual distribution center, and graphics facility.  The library building was new and designed for the support of faculty and teaching. Shortly thereafter the College rolled-out its distance education program.  It was first delivered by several OC newspapers and then by cable and public television. Our efforts to develop better community relations were enhanced by starting our own FM radio station, KSBR, which was initially a National Public Radio affiliate.

Sometimes development projects called for working in a supportive role such as campus facilities planning. I was involved in the planning and integration of the first integrated telecommunications system for Saddleback and Irvine Valley Colleges. New word processing services were established and then expanded along with duplicating centers for faculty and staff.   Other college and district assignments included continuing the work of Arlene Moore, the first Saddleback College Library Director.  For a period of time I assisted in the establishment of the Irvine Valley College library and media services. As director at the district level, I was assigned to work for a year for the Vice-Chancellor for Educational Services. My assignments varied according to where I was needed to support and develop anything related to media for both campuses. As always, anything new or different was an opportunity.

Teaching was my first love, which I began at Long Beach State University before moving to Saddleback College.  So, while working through some of the above assignments, I gained a second advanced degree in Business Management.  I therefore was prepared for the opportunity to move from management to the classroom.  Thus began the second half of my tenure at Saddleback College in 1987.

Teaching rekindled my energy as I focused on preparing students to meet their goals. Most rewarding was crossing over to the “other side” from a supportive college management position of serving faculty to experiencing the challenges of the classroom. During my service with the Business Science Division, I also held the position of department chair.  Both the teaching assignment and curriculum development along with teamwork kept me engaged until my retirement in May 2009.

Over the many years of my career, the success came from a positive spirit and the resultant synergy of dedicated and talented colleagues. Instead of the common career track of starting with teaching and moving into administrative work, my approach of moving from administration into teaching provided a career with lots of variety.  There was never any boredom in a career that spanned over three decades at Saddleback College.