Other Voices

Other Voices

Saddleback College Revista, Aug. 1968

John Flood, described as the Coordinator of Counseling and Guidance, a vivacious, red-haired Irishman, is quoted as having a philosophy on life, "Enjoy it!" and saying that he was looking forward to, " ... building the college from scratch and then watching the whole thing bloom."

Saddleback College Revista, July 1968

Howard Marcou, Business Science Division Chairman, who had help start up Rio Hondo College, is quoted as saying, "The work is basically the same, but psychologically it's easier this time." He went on to say, "Take care of each item in sequence and all items will come together in the end. Next, as you stand before your class in the fall, you can look back and wonder how it happened."

Saddleback College Revista, Nov. 1968

Doyle McKinney, Language and Fine Arts Division Chairman is quoted, "What happens in the classroom? That is what is important. Teachers are really responsible for values that students adopt. Students must first understand respect and trust and then the learning process takes place. Instructors do not just dispense with information. We do teach values."

Saddleback College Revista, June 1969

Arlene Moore, Librarian, had the daunting task of organizing the library. She is quoted as saying, "The fun is just beginning."