Graduation Program Outline

8:00am - 8:45am  - Graduate Check-in across from the gym at the baseball field

  • Staff will help you with your cap and gown and will give you a name card. Please write phonetically how your name is spoken.
  • Please legibly write your mailing address on the reverse side of the card. The photographer will be using this information to send you proofs of your photos.
  • Light refreshments will be provided as well as opportunities to socialize and take pictures with faculty and staff.
  • ***Please do not bring personal items such as bags as there will not be a location to store them. When you rise from your seat to receive your diploma, you will not end up in the same seat. 

9:00am - Processional begins

  • The processional will be led by the faculty followed by the students and platform party. There will be marshals to assist with the student processional and lead graduates to their seats.
  • Stay standing until asked to be seated.

Students with special needs will be seated in the first row.

To arrange for special needs, please contact the Special Services Office at 949-582-4915 at least a week prior to the ceremony date.

  • At the presentation of the class by the Academic Senate President, the first row will rise.
  • Following the student marshals' directions, students will file completely out after the preceding row and line up at the ramp on the left side of the staging platform; the rest of the rows will follow the first row as directed.
  • Each student will proceed to the microphone and hand the speaker their name card. The student will walk across the platform and will receive their diploma or certificate cover* while shaking the hand of the presenter.
  • The student will exit across the stage and turn right down the ramp, take a photograph off stage and then proceed back to his/her seat.
  • Each student must be seated immediately upon reaching his/her seat.

***If you have a latex allergy, please be advised that balloons will be used in the celebration and there is a balloon drop at the conclusion of the ceremony. 


After the ceremony, the platform party will lead the recessional, followed by the faculty and then the students. The student marshals will direct the students in the recessional. The front row will leave first, followed by the second, etc. The members of the audience will remain in their places until the recessional is complete.