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Why do I need to see a counselor for student athletes?

* Understand the rules to compete at Saddleback and NCAA transfer rules
* Help ensure a successful transfer to a 4 year University as an athlete or general student
* Learn how to use college resources, choose a career path and major
* Personal counseling available if needed

So, where do I begin?

* Apply to Saddleback and complete the three step Matriculation process
* If you are not an athlete but would like to become one, contact your prospective coach
* If you are new student athlete, check out your New Recruits Game Plan
* Make an appointment with an athletic counselor, call (949) 582-4572 or come by counseling SSC 167
* During your appointment make a MAP (My Academic Plan) to go over the courses needed transfer/graduate
* Use the resources on this page including the Saddleback catalog and class schedule

Counselors offer academic, career and personal counseling. It is important to seek counseling often in order to get the most out of your college experience. Please refer to the General Counseling resources below:

General Rules to Compete at Saddleback

Student Athletes should be aware of the rules required to compete in athletics at Saddleback College. These are some of the rules that athletes must follow in order to compete however for the full list of rules please refer to the CCCAA rule book in the resources below.

  1. During a student’s season of competition they must be enrolled in a minimum of 12 units/9 academic
  2. Students CAN use courses from Irvine Valley College to satisfy this 12/9 unit requirement but must be enrolled in the proper IA course at Saddleback.
  3. Student athletes MUST have an approved MAP on file by certain deadlines depending on the season of their sport: Fall - October 15th Spring - March 1st
  4. In order to compete during their season of competition those 12 units need to be currently “active”. Late start courses are ok as long as the student athlete has the minimum 12 units/9 academic.
  5. By their second season of competition student athletes need to complete a minimum of 24 units/18 academic. This includes the first semester they compete. For example, football is a fall sport, therefore they would have fall, spring and summer to complete 24 units/18 academic
  6. They need a minimum 2.0 GPA to compete for their second season which includes grades from their first season of competition.
  7. Transfer rule: If an athlete competed at another CCC and wants to compete at Saddleback, they must complete 12 units in residence of which only 8 units can be taken during a summer term
Understanding NCAA and NAIA eligibility

In order to be eligible to transfer as a student athlete it is important to understand the different rules and regulations that are involved. The first thing student athletes should identify is whether or not they are Qualifiers or Non-Qualifiers out of high school through the NCAA eligibility center. This will determine the length of time needed at the community college as well as number of units, if an Associate degree is required, etc. It is also important to understand the language of the NCAA when it comes to students who have attended other colleges. The NCAA identifies you as a 2-4 transfer (community college to four year) and 4-2-4 (four year university to community college then back to a four year).

Once students have identified their Qualifier status as well as their 2-4 or 4-2-4 status they can have a better understanding of the rules to transfer to either an NCAA Division 1, 2 or 3 and NAIA institution. Please refer to the resources below where you can register under the NCAA eligibility center and glance at the NCAA transfer rules. Please be aware that these rules can change and are merely an overview of what is required. Seeking help from an athletic counselor and/or the compliance office at your recruiting four year institution is highly advised.

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CCCAA Rules and regulations to complete at Saddleback College
Saddleback College Student Athlete handbook
NCAA transfer rules for Division 1, 2, and 3
NCAA Eligibility Center (Find out your qualifier status)
NCAA School Search
NAIA transfer rules
NAIA Member Schools

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