Frequently Asked Questions

What are Counseling courses (COUN)?

Counseling is the discipline of classes taught by Saddleback College Counselors. Topics for each course vary but relate to the individual students' success. Course titles include Academic Planning; Educational & Vocational Planning; Helping Relationships; Human Relationships; Career Exploration; Study Skills & Techniques; and Leadership.

How can I determine if a course will be accepted for an Associate Degree or transfer?

In order to determine whether or not a course counts for an Associate Degree or transfer, check the course number.

Courses numbered 300 and above are basic skills courses and are therefore not applicable for an Associate Degree or transfer.

  1. Courses numbered 1-299 are applicable to the Associate Degree.
  2. Courses numbered 1-199 are applicable for transfer to the Cal State University system.
  3. Courses numbered 1-99 are applicable for transfer to the University of California system.

Please consult with a counselor for possible exceptions to these rules or to determine transferability of courses to other colleges and universities.

*Please note: This course numbering system applies only to Saddleback College. All colleges have their own unique course numbers. Psychology 1 at Saddleback College may be different from Psychology 1 at Northern California Community College.

How can I meet with a counselor?

In order to schedule an appointment with a counselor you can call (949) 582-4572 and you may also walk-in to speak with counselor.

Where can I get help deciding what major to choose?

Choosing a major is an important decision all students face, and it is always an advantage to decide on your major early so that you can complete the required courses for your chosen major. There are a number of ways you can get help deciding on your major. You can schedule an individual appointment with a counselor, you can enroll in a Counseling class (C 160) or you can receive assistance through one of the computerized career planning and major choice programs available through the Career Center.

Can I transfer to an out of state school from Saddleback College?

Yes. Saddleback College transfer students to colleges and universities all around the country.

What is an Associate Degree (AA or AS)?

A degree granted by community colleges upon completion of 60 units of college work, including general education, major, and elective requirements.

What is an Associate Degree for Transfer (AA-T) or (AS-T)?

A degree granted by community colleges upon completion of 60 units of college work, including general education, major, and elective requirements. In addition, it is also a transfer program you can participate in if you're interested in transferring to the California State University System.

What is GE?

GE or General Education is a program of courses in the arts and sciences that provides a broad educational experience. Courses are usually introductory in nature and provide students with fundamental skills and knowledge in English, arts, humanities, mathematics, social sciences, physical and biological sciences.

What is IGETC?

IGETC, Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum, is a general education program which community college transfer students can use to fulfill lower-division general education requirements for either the CSU or UC systems. IGETC is not recommended for some majors at the UC campuses

What is certification and why is it important for transferring students?

Certification of CSU GE or IGETC is an important step in the transfer process. The certification of GE is an official notice verifying that a transfer student has completed courses satisfying lower division general education requirements. The request for certification of CSU GE or IGETC is done at the Admissions & Records Office at the time you request transcripts to be sent to your transfer school.

What are the differences between an associate degree and a bachelor's degree?

An associate degree is a degree granted by a community college to students who complete a specified program of study, usually totaling 60 units. A bachelor degree or baccalaureate is a degree granted upon completion of at least 120 semester units or 180 quarter units. Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science Degrees are offered by the California State Universities, the University of California and private four-year colleges and universities.

How many units do I need for an associate degree?

Completion of 60 units that meet General Education competency and major requirements are needed to obtain an associate degree.

What is Articulation and how can it help me reach my goals?

Articulation is the process of evaluating courses to determine whether coursework completed at one college will meet the requirements for admission, transfer credit, general education, or major preparation at another college. Saddleback College has specific agreements with a number of CSU and UC campuses. A complete listing of Saddleback College's articulation agreements with these systems can be found at All related Saddleback articulation agreements as well as information on AA-T/AS-T degrees and private university agreements can be found at articulation.