Crisis Intervention Team


A psychological crisis is a life event that an individual perceives as stressful to the extent that normal coping mechanisms are insufficient. The CIT members have always been at the forefront of providing personal counseling, guidance, and referring students to the most appropriate resources available both on campus and off campus.

CIT Brochure


The Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) is composed of professional counselors from Saddleback College Counseling Center and the Student Health Center. The CIT counselors are available to assist when a Saddleback student or staff member experiences a psychological emergency and is in need of immediate help. This service is primarily intended for students and staff only. However, the CIT members may be called in for a non-student community member visiting on campus who may be experiencing a psychological crisis. Any question you have regarding the CIT may be referred to the Dean of Counseling Services Division or the Vice President for Student Services.


Counseling Services Division . 582-4572

The Health Center . 582-4606

Campus Police . 582-4444


Follow these guidelines for handling difficult situations:

  • Trust your instincts.
  • Be familiar with the student code of conduct. (See Student Handbook or Saddleback College Catalog)
  • Do not hesitate to call Campus Police at 949.582.4444
  • If you think a student might be suicidal, DO NOT LEAVE THE STUDENT ALONE! You may be the critical link in assisting the student. Know that whatever the situation is, campus resources are available.
  • Listen to what the student is saying.
  • Assess the situation for unusual emotions, behavior, and thoughts.
  • Refer the student to one of the resources identified BELOW for assistance.


  • Use any campus pay phone to call: *80
  • Or use a Red Emergency Call Box located in most large buildings on campus.


Department or Service Phone Number
On Campus
Campus Police (949) 582-4444 (Emergency)
Health Center (949) 582-4606
Crisis Intervention Team (949) 582-HELP (4357)
Vice President for Student Services (949) 582-4566
Dean of Counseling (949) 582-4572
Special Services (949) 582-4885
Off Campus
Child Abuse Hotline (24 hrs) (714) 940-1000
Rape Crisis Hotline (24 hrs) (949) 831-9110
Suicide Prevention Hotline (800) 784-2433
Suicide Crisis Hotline (714) 894-4242
Domestic Violence Hotline (800) 799-7233
(714) 992-1931
Alcoholic Anonymous (949) 582-2697 (South Co.)
(714) 773-4357 (North Co.)
(714) 556-4555 (Santa Ana)
Battered Women (949) 854-3554
Narcotics Anonymous (714) 776-8581