Employee of the Year Award

2021 - 2022 Employee of the Year

Randy Van Dyke



The Employee of the Year Award Program recognizes and rewards exemplary performance by Saddleback College employees based both on performance of their responsibilities as outlined in their position description and on their specific contributions to the mission, goals, values, and strategic plan of the College.

Who is eligible

All permanent full-time and part-time Saddleback College Classified Staff are eligible.

A recipient of the Employee of the Year award is eligible to apply or be nominated again in three years after receiving an award. Nominees are not eligible to serve on the selection committee during the year of their own nomination unless they agree to voluntarily withdraw their nomination.

When will the EOTY be announced?

The Employee of the Year award will be given annually and announced on or near spring break typically during "Classified Day."

Who may nominate?

Nominations can be made by any or all of the following: any SOCCCD employee, local community members, students, fellow staff, yourself or a faculty member.

What does the EOTY receive?

The recipient of the Employee of the Year award will receive $250 cash award from the college, a free VIP one-year parking pass, a PIO news release recognizing Employee of the Year, and a desk award equal to that of other award recipients on campus. Additionally, the recipient’s name will be memorialized with past Employee of the Year’s on a plaque in the Administration building.

What is the nomination process?

A link to the Nomination form will be sent to all permanent employees via email by the beginning of the 1st week of February and will be available online at the Classified Senate website - www.saddleback.edu/csenate Other materials used to support the employee's nomination: individual accomplishments, abilities and values should match the College's vision, mission, values, and strategic plan.

When is the deadline for all nominations?

The deadline for nominations is March 1. Incomplete nomination forms and/or forms received after the deadline will not be eligible for review.

Employee of the Year selection workgroup

The employee award selection workgroup will be selected by the Classified Senate Events Coordinator and will be comprised of five (5) Saddleback employees. The workgroup will include:

  • Previous Employee of the Year award recipient
  • Minimum of one part-time staff member
  • Classified Staff member
  • Classified Staff member
  • Classified Staff member
  • 1st Vice President or President of Classified Senate will be the non-scoring chair of the committee.

The committee will submit the EOTY winner to the College President based on scores. In the case of a tie, two (2) recipients can be selected as winners if the consensus of the committee makes the recommendation.

PLEASE NOTE: Multiple nominations will be accepted into the scoring process. For example, multiple nominations for one individual will be reviewed and then an average final score will submitted to the workgroup chair. The workgroup will be formed and hold an orientation meeting towards the end of February, schedule permitting.